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Garden and landscape damage from deer can be a frustrating and costly issue for many homeowners.

As deer populations continue to rise, more and more properties are being impacted by deer grazing on plants, flowers, shrubs and even young trees.

Installing a deer fence is by far the most effective solution to keep deer out of your yard and protect your valuable landscaping investment.

Our team has over 15 years of experience designing and installing customized deer fencing solutions. We utilize heavy-duty fencing materials that are proven to withstand the deer in this region.

Our fencing panels can also be customized with privacy screening or decorative enhancements to match the look and feel of your property.

From small backyard vegetable gardens to large rural properties, we have extensive experience with deer fence projects of all types and any budget.

If you are tired of the continuous damage from deer intrusion on your property, contact our fencing experts today to get a free estimate on a customized deer control fence designed specifically for your unique needs.

Process We Follow for Deer Fencing

Site Evaluation & Planning

The first step of any deer fence installation with our team is performing an on-site evaluation of the property. We carefully analyze the terrain, problem areas, permeable access points and overall size of the land that will be enclosed by the deer fence. This allows us to determine the appropriate fencing height, post spacing, and type of fence materials needed to properly secure the area.

If any grading or vegetation clearing needs to be done prior to fence installation, we will coordinate that as well. Proper planning is crucial to ensure the fence will adequately solve your deer problems.

Site evaluation duration: 1-2 hours on average

Custom Fence Design

Every property has unique considerations that impact the deer fence layout – sloped terrain, drainage areas, existing landscaping, entry/exit placement and pathway access all factor into the design decisions.

Our project managers will create a detailed site map showing the planned fence installation, gates, and specifications that will be followed during the build process.

We also provide 3D computer renderings so you can visualize how the finished fence will look on your property before the work begins. This custom design process ensures the fence achieves both maximum deer control and aesthetic appeal tailored specifically to your landscape.

Average custom design turnaround time: 3-5 business days

Material Staging & Preparation

Once you approve the fence design plan, we order all necessary supplies and hardware needed for the build. This includes the fence framing, mesh infill panels, gates and additional accessories selected. Staging materials onsite in advance allows our installation crews to work efficiently over the duration of the on-property construction.

Any lighting, water lines or landscaping that needs to be removed or relocated from the fence installation areas will also be done at this stage. Proper preparation is key prior to the start of the actual build process.

Average lead time for material delivery: 7-10 business days

Fence Installation & Construction

Our experienced fencing crews will complete the full deer fence installation at your property once design and planning stages are complete. This includes:

  • Digging post holes & setting fence posts in concrete for stability
  • Attaching fence mesh infill between posts
  • Hanging gates and ensuring proper functionality
  • Finishing fence with top rails, privacy slats, or other accessories as needed

For larger deer fences enclosing 1 acre or more, the installation is usually completed in sections over several days. We make sure the property is fully secured at the end of each work day. Construction materials and debris are cleaned up consistently throughout the project.

Average install time for a 1-3 acre deer fence: 5-7 business days

Inspection & Approval

Upon completion of the fencing installation, we will walk the property with you to ensure it meets expectations and properly solves your deer issues. Any final adjustments or touch ups will be made at this point before full approval is required.

You can relax knowing that a high quality fence was constructed to keep deer off your land. Our team stands behind our workmanship and will promptly address any unlikely issues that pop up in the future related to materials or construction defects.

Cost of Deer Fencing in San Luis Obispo, CA

Installing a properly constructed deer fence that actually works to keep deer out requires heavy-duty materials and professional installation. Our typical price range is:

$15-$25 per linear foot

So for a 10,000 sq ft backyard (about 200 linear feet of fencing), total costs would generally range from $3,000 to $5,000.

Exact pricing is based on:

  • Fence height
  • Terrain difficulty
  • Accessories/privacy additions
  • Permitting needs

Gates, lighting, and electrical accessories will also impact the final installed price.

We provide free estimates where our qualified team can assess your specific property, deer pressures, and desired outcomes – then tailor a solution to match your unique needs and budget. Contact us today to get started!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With 10+ years installing fences in SLO, our team offers specialized skills to build customized fences perfectly suited to your property.


We carefully evaluate your landscape, discuss your vision, and design a fence tailored to your unique needs and style.

Quality Materials

Only the most durable, sustainable hardwood and metal materials are used to construct fences built to last for decades.

Professional Installation

Our uniformed crew neatly and efficiently installs each fence to exceed industry standards and building codes.

Customer Satisfaction

We warranty our craftsmanship and stand behind our products – your happiness is our top priority.


Locally owned and operated, we offer competitive pricing and financing options to fit a variety of budgets.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in San Luis Obispo, CA

FAQs About Deer Fencing in San Luis Obispo, California

What is the best height for a deer fence?

The ideal fence height to keep out deer is 8 feet. For areas with high deer populations or motivated jumpers, 10 foot fences provide maximum protection.

What materials last longest in a deer fence?

We use heavy 14ga steel fence framing and powder-coated mesh that maintains integrity for 20+ years, even in harsh coastal climates. Gates have commercial grade hardware for longevity.

Can deer knock down a fence?

With proper T-post spacing, concrete reinforcements and fence height, our fences stand up to repeated deer impacts without fail. We’ve solved serious deer challenges for decades.

Does deer netting work better than metal fence?

Metal mesh infill provides superior durability compared to plastic deer netting which degrades over time. Netting also sags while mesh maintains consistent tension.

Do electronic deer repellents work?

Sensor-activated water sprayers and noisemakers provide temporary relief but consistent breaches eventually resume. Fencing provides guaranteed, long-term control deer can’t adapt to.

Will deer jump a 5 foot fence?

Deer can vertically leap 8-10 feet from a standing position. A 5 foot fence may keep fawns out initially but not full grown deer over time.

Can deer knock down wood fences?

Wood privacy fences look nice but the palings are easily broken by deer impacts, leaving access holes. Heavy gauge metal deer fencing prevents penetration issues.

How long does deer fencing last?

With quality materials and proper installation, our custom deer fences maintain effectiveness for over 20 years. Periodic tensioning may be needed on sloped sites.

How much does it cost to install a 10 foot deer fence?

Our average price is $25-35 per linear foot for a 10 foot tall deer fence. Exact cost depends on terrain complexity, permit needs, gates and overall project size on the property.

What should I put at bottom of deer fence?

We include a 12 inch galvanized mesh apron secured to the bottom of the fence to prevent animals digging underneath and entering.

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