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Sports Field Fencing Company Near San Luis Obispo, CA

Keeping athletes and spectators safe during sporting events is paramount. Proper sports field fencing provides security, helps prevent injuries, protects facilities, and delivers peace of mind.

Our team specializes in installing quality sports fencing solutions for all types of fields and venues near San Luis Obispo, California.

We use durable and long-lasting materials that stand up to heavy use from players and hard hits from balls and other equipment.

With decades of combined experience erecting backstops, dugout cages, barrier netting, and perimeter fencing for baseball, softball, soccer, football, lacrosse, and more, we understand the unique requirements of different sports. We pay close attention to official regulations and design systems focused on safety.

Our sports field fences feature reinforced posts, superior netting or chain link, and sturdy gates to control access. We handle complete installations, repairs, and upgrades with expertise, efficiency and care.

Facility managers, schools, teams, and property owners can trust us to outfit their fields properly while avoiding disruption of games and events.

When you need reliable sports field fencing, call our team for a free estimate. We provide quality workmanship and excellent service from start to finish.

Process We Follow for Sports Field Fencing

Initial Consultation

The process starts when we meet onsite and discuss your specific fencing needs and goals, whether for a new build or renovating an existing setup.

We evaluate the field layout, measure boundary dimensions, identify potential hazards or problem areas, and gather all necessary information to draft a customized plan. Open communication from the outset ensures we design the optimal solutions.

Detailed Quote

After the initial consultation, we prepare a detailed written quote outlining the scope of work and exact specifications of the proposed sports fencing system. This includes:

Materials: Specific fence height, post size and spacing, netting or chain link type and gauge, gate locations/sizes, etc. based on your sport, field size, skill level of athletes, and other considerations.

Layout: Clear boundary diagrams showing perimeter runs, backstop placement, dugouts, and specialty safety netting.

Features: Customizations like logos, padding, windscreens, handicap access, spectator protective netting.

Timeline: Number of estimated work days from start to finish so you can schedule accordingly.

Pricing: Full cost breakdown including materials, labor, site preparation, permits (if needed), and any other associated costs—no surprise fees.

This professional quote gives you all the details upfront so you can make an informed decision. We will also meet again onsite if needed to discuss the plan and answer any other questions before moving forward.

Pre-Installation Prep

If you decide to hire us for your sports field fencing project, we focus next on proper site prep and staging the job for maximum efficiency. Tasks include:

Material Staging – Having all posts, netting, chain link, gates, tools, etc. on hand helps the job flow smoothly from start to finish according to schedule.

Underground Checks – We scan for potential underground pipes, wiring, or other hazards wherever excavation/digging is required to set posts or foundations.

Site Clearing – Existing fences or other obstacles are removed if necessary to make room for new layout. The area is cleared of debris.

Surface Preparation – Grounds are leveled, soil is compacted, and holes are pre-dug if needed where new posts will be installed for proper stability.

Taking the time to get the site thoroughly ready in advance allows our crew to hit the ground running once installation begins.

Fence Installation Process

Our professional team takes great care through every step of the sports field fence building process:

Laying Out Measurements – We establish boundary lines for chain link runs and mark exact post hole positions based on diagram specifications.

Digging Deep Post Holes – For optimal stability, fence posts are anchored in holes 2-3 feet deep filled with concrete.

Installing End, Corner and Gate Posts – The sturdiest posts are strategically situated where fences change direction and at gate openings.

Setting Line Posts – We space intermediate posts at precise intervals as specified between corner/end posts.

Post Leveling & Concreting – All posts are vertically leveled, aligned, and secured in concrete footer mixes formulated for durability.

Unrolling Fence Fabric – Chain link or netting is strategically unrolled and pulled tight between posts for optimal visual appeal and ball control.

Hanging Gates & Doors – Access gates, team doors and dugout gates are installed and adjusted to function smoothly with sturdy, reliable latches.

Working carefully around the posts, fencing materials, concreting, and gate installation, our crew systematically encloses the entire field until the new fence structure is complete.

Safety Checks & Refinements

Before considering any sports field fencing project finished, we conduct thorough safety checks and make refinements wherever needed:

Gates & Hardware Adjustments – Hinges, latches, locks and closers are fine-tuned so gates fully close, latch properly without gaps, and function smoothly.

Post Stability Testing – Vigorous shaking and pushing on posts verifies foundations are solidly concreted for long lasting sturdiness and endurance.

Fence Fabric Tensioning – Additional tightening/tensioning ensures chain link or netting stays snugly stretched with no sagging.

Ball Impact Testing – We simulate hard hits against fencing to confirm adequate ball rebound control for the sport.

Final Visual Appeal Details – If anything is slightly off level or alignment, we adjust to perfection so finished look is pristine.

Taking this extra time ensures every nut and bolt is tightened and all parts are operating exactly as intended for safety, security and longevity.

Cost of Sports Field Fencing in San Luis Obispo, CA

The cost for installing high-quality sports field fencing depends primarily on:

▪ The overall size and layout of your field

▪ Type and gauge of fencing fabric (chain link or protective netting)

▪ Number/size of gates needed

▪ Whether the job is a new installation vs renovation

▪ Any custom features like screening, padding or logos

▪ Any site prep/grading work required

▪ Labor involved to complete the job

After assessing your unique needs onsite, we provide a written quote outlining exact costs from start to finish—no surprises. We strive to offer fair and honest pricing delivering true value for facilities.

Please call us for an estimate or consultation about your sports field fencing project.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With 10+ years installing fences in SLO, our team offers specialized skills to build customized fences perfectly suited to your property.


We carefully evaluate your landscape, discuss your vision, and design a fence tailored to your unique needs and style.

Quality Materials

Only the most durable, sustainable hardwood and metal materials are used to construct fences built to last for decades.

Professional Installation

Our uniformed crew neatly and efficiently installs each fence to exceed industry standards and building codes.

Customer Satisfaction

We warranty our craftsmanship and stand behind our products – your happiness is our top priority.


Locally owned and operated, we offer competitive pricing and financing options to fit a variety of budgets.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in San Luis Obispo, CA

FAQs About Sports Field Fencing in San Luis Obispo, California

What types of sports field fencing do you install?

We specialize in customized fencing solutions for nearly any sport including baseball, softball, multi-use fields, soccer, football, golf, tennis, lacrosse, and more.

Do you do repairs or upgrades to existing fences?

Absolutely. We can replace old netting or chain link, add padding/logos, raise fence height, or perform any repairs needed.

What type of gates do you provide?

We offer single and double access gates, ADA handicap gates, team access gates, combination lock gates, dugout gates, or custom designs.

Can fans or spectators get injured from foul balls without fencing?

Yes, foul balls, wild kicks and other errant shots can cause serious injuries without secure sideline netting.

Will chain link fences prevent intruders?

Quality perimeter fencing helps deter trespassers but determined intruders may still enter the field if gates are left unlocked after hours.

How long will a new sports field fence last?

Properly installed sports fencing using quality materials should easily last 15-20 years or more unless subjected to extreme abuse or neglected maintenance.

How long does installation take?

Most standard sports field fence jobs take 4-7 work days from start to finish depending on size, access, weather issues and crew size.

What kind of warranty do you provide on workmanship?

We stand behind our skilled workmanship. Let us know if any defects arise and we will repair or replace defective parts and restore your fence to as-new condition.

Do you handle permitting/inspections?

Absolutely. We submit all paperwork, pull necessary permits, schedule inspections and ensure codes compliance. No hassles for facility owners.

Will a chain link fence ruin my field’s visual appeal?

Not at all. Modern vinyl-coated chain link fencing is available in colors like green or black for a clean, unobtrusive look fans appreciate.

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The fence installation team was courteous and cleaned up after themselves when the job was complete. I would highly recommend this fencing company.
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