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Tennis Court Fencing Near San Luis Obispo, CA

Protecting and enhancing your investment in a private tennis court is important. Installing specialty fencing not only provides security and extends court lifespan, but it also upgrades aesthetics and functionality.

Our expert fence team has over 10 years of experience designing, supplying and installing customized court enclosures using the best fencing solutions on the market.

We work closely with you to understand your goals, assess issues and provide options so you get the ideal fence for your tennis court.

Unlike standard chain link, we offer exclusive performance mesh, ornamental aluminum, iron and steel, as well as privacy slats – built to meet strict guidelines.

From durability and visibility to wind load capacity and glare reduction – the materials and craftsmanship make a difference. We utilize industry-leading brands that pass extensive testing for:

  • Longevity
  • Playability
  • Safety
  • Aesthetics

With our end-to-end tennis court fencing services, you can enjoy maximized usage, functionality and beauty – protecting one of your most valuable home investments for lasting satisfaction.

Process We Follow for Tennis Court Fencing

Site Preparation

Before beginning installation, our crews ensure the site is ready for erecting your new tennis court fence. This involves clearing fences lines, doing minor grading if needed to create even terrain, post hole digging and more based on the geography. We take precautions, such as floor protection, to safeguard surrounding areas as well.

Permit and HOA Approvals

If your tennis court resides within a homeowners association community or requires local permitting for the new enclosure, we handle securing the proper approvals on your behalf so you don’t have to navigate convoluted processes. Our familiarity and relationships with local zoning officials and architectural committees streamline approval.

Customization Options

Beyond material selections, some customization options for your tennis fence include:

  • Personal monogram or name lettering
  • Team logos, zoning colors or graphics
  • Mixed color schemes
  • Privacy slat additions above chain link
  • Integrated bench seating
  • Custom access gates with smart technology
  • Windscreen integration

Discuss special designs that reflect your personality or maximize function during our consultations.

Protective Padding and Netting

For extra safety, protective fence padding reduces abrasions upon player impact while netting installed above the enclosure prevents stray balls from leaving the court, containing action. The breathable netting also cuts down on outside distractions for players. Both instantly upgrade play.

Let me know if you would like any other tennis court fencing process details expanded upon! I’m happy to keep building out this section further.

Cost of Tennis Court Fencing in San Luis Obispo, CA

There are numerous variables that determine your final price when installing specialty fencing for tennis courts, including:

  • Size and terrain
  • Material types
  • Accessibility
  • Design intricacies

We provide complimentary estimates after assessing your property and preferred vision. As an average range, you can expect to invest $15,000 to $30,000+ for a complete tennis court enclosure. Putting in a basic chain link fence around a small backyard court may cost closer to $5,000 – $8,000. Larger estates with extensive ornamental designs run upwards of $60,000+.

Keep in mind we offer flexible financing options and promotions to help make court fencing more affordable. The value also increases exponentially over time when it comes to functionality, security, aesthetics and protecting your property investment – making it well worth the initial expenditure.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With 10+ years installing fences in SLO, our team offers specialized skills to build customized fences perfectly suited to your property.


We carefully evaluate your landscape, discuss your vision, and design a fence tailored to your unique needs and style.

Quality Materials

Only the most durable, sustainable hardwood and metal materials are used to construct fences built to last for decades.

Professional Installation

Our uniformed crew neatly and efficiently installs each fence to exceed industry standards and building codes.

Customer Satisfaction

We warranty our craftsmanship and stand behind our products – your happiness is our top priority.


Locally owned and operated, we offer competitive pricing and financing options to fit a variety of budgets.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in San Luis Obispo, CA

FAQs About Tennis Court Fencing in San Luis Obispo, California

Why do I need specialty fencing for my tennis court?

Tennis court fences serve important practical purposes beyond basic security and boundary demarcation. They maximize playability with glare reduction, prevent stray balls from getting lost while containing distraction. Courts also have strict requirements for unobstructed sight lines, spacing and postioning – achieved through custom enclosure design.

What type of fence is best for tennis courts?

Performance mesh and ornamental aluminum/steel fencing represent popular modern options that check the boxes for durability, playability, safety and aesthetics. We also offer privacy slat add-ons. The optimal material depends on your preferences, geography and budget. Our guidance simplifies selection.

How long does it take to install tennis court fencing?

Smaller backyard tennis court enclosures take 1-2 days including prep work. Larger or intricate designs require 2-4+ days. Well-planned projects ensure efficient progress. Communicate special events so crews can schedule accordingly.

Can you enclose an existing tennis court?

Absolutely! We have expertise retrofitting specialty materials onto existing courts or replacing outdated enclosures. This upgrades functionality or enhances aesthetics without needing court reconstruction. Evaluate spacing, post heights and layout to determine feasibility.

What about gates and access points?

Single pedestrian gates are standard, but we can create vehicle-width double gates, custom electronic lock systems or secondary access points. Gates utilize heavy-duty hardware and integrate cohesively into the overall enclosure aesthetic.

How often will tennis court fences need maintenance?

Quality materials withstand elements well, but periodic inspections, hardware tightening, cleaning and minor repairs extend lifespan. Budget-friendly maintenance plans handle proactive upkeep so you don’t worry.

Can tennis court fences help reduce noise?

Specialty solid panel designs with privacy slats or windscreen absorb more noise than bare chain link. Positioning also helps contain sound. Consider neighbors when orienting the enclosure layout.

Is landscaping around the tennis court affected?

Crews take precautions to protect vegetation during install. However, some trimming or removal near fence lines may be required. We replant if needed. Designs also account for future plant growth.

What warranty comes with tennis court fences?

Our trusted brand suppliers provide up to 20-year limited warranties on specialty components. Skilled installation also minimizes risk. Let us know about any defects immediately so we can file claims.

Do you offer court fencing financing or payment plans?

Yes! We offer promotional financing starting at 0% APR through trusted partners to divide costs into budget-friendly payments. We also sometimes run project discounts – so ask about current promotions!

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