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When it comes to securing your commercial property , aluminum fences are an attractive and durable choice to consider.

As a leading local provider of aluminum fencing solutions for businesses, Fence San Luis Obispo has the expertise to design, supply, and install high-quality commercial-grade aluminum fencing customized specifically for your property’s unique needs and specifications.

Unlike wood or chain link, aluminum is lightweight yet impressively resilient against weather, rust, corrosion and impact.

This makes aluminum one of the longest-lasting commercial fencing materials available today, backed by industry-leading 25-year limited warranties on most aluminum fence components.

With minimal maintenance required compared to other materials, aluminum fencing is a savvy, low-hassle investment that will continue looking pristine while reliably protecting business’ perimeter for decades to come.

With custom aluminum fence installations, you’ll benefit not only from durable perimeter security but also an enhanced curb appeal that aligns with the upscale aesthetics many enterprises want to convey.

From sleek black aluminum accents to more decorative styles with finials, curves or arched sections, we’ll collaborate closely to determine the optimal aluminum fence design for complementing your commercial facility’s architecture and surroundings.

Process We Follow for Commercial Aluminum Fencing

Our 5-Step Process for Installing Commercial Aluminum Fences

Over more than a decade serving the San Luis Obispo area, Fence San Luis Obispo has fine-tuned a customer-focused process for commercial aluminum fence supply and installation. Here is what you can expect as a valued client working with our fence contracting team:

Step 1: On-Site Consultation & Quote Preparation

The journey begins when we visit your business’ property for an in-person consultation. Our commercial fence experts will:

  • Carefully assess your site layout, terrain variations and access points to plan appropriate aluminum fence alignments, post positioning and gate locations
  • Identify potential install challenges like subsurface utilities/features, giving you transparency upfront on what to budget for excavation services if needed
  • Discuss with you or other stakeholders your desired fence height, style preferences, access control requirements and any relevant codes/zoning provisions to inform fence design
  • Provide seasoned guidance on selecting the optimal grade and finish of aluminum – from basic mill finish to durable powder coating in black, bronze and other optional colors – based on your priorities, settings and budget
  • Verify when you need the commercial aluminum fence installation completed by so we can reserve team availability
  • Answer absolutely any other questions or concerns you may have!

Armed with precise site measurements and insights gathered during our on-site meeting, we then prepare a detailed project quote outlining all specifications, materials and services for installing your aluminum commercial fencing system per our discussions. We’ll promptly email this over for you to review and sign off on before work begins.

Step 2: Materials Sourcing & Delivery Scheduling

Now that a final quote for your new commercial-grade aluminum fencing is signed off on, our team gets straight to work ordering all necessary fencing materials, hardware and gate accessories from our trusted suppliers. This ensures every component required will be on hand for timely project completion by your desired install date.

Given manufacturing and shipping lead times, expect it to take roughly 2 to 4 weeks for your aluminum fencing materials to arrive. In consideration of storage space limitations, we’ll coordinate with you on an accurate delivery date for having it all shipped directly to your commercial property, unless alternate arrangements are agreed to.

Step 3: Installation Preparations

While awaiting your fence materials delivery, your dedicated project manager will be busy completing key preparations to ensure an efficient install process, such as:

  • Applying for and obtaining any required commercial fencing permits from local building departments
  • Verifying underground utility locations if needed to prevent lines damage during post digging
  • Scheduling our professional installation crew’s availability to complete work within your requested timeframe
  • Confirming you’ve cleared at least a 3-foot access path along proposed fence alignments for our crews to maneuver in with equipment for digging, setting posts and mounting fencing
  • Coordinating anything else necessary so your aluminum fence project stays on track

Once materials arrive and all preparatory tasks are completed, our crews will be ready to commence construction on-site.

Step 4: Professional Commercial Aluminum Fence Installation

Now the exciting part – transformational progress you’ll get to watch firsthand as our skilled fencing technicians bring your new commercial-grade aluminum perimeter fence system to life!

Here’s an overview of the key phases involved:

Site Prep & Layout: Before digging, we’ll use marker paint/stakes to lay out clearly defined fence lines per original plans. Our crew foreman will also walk the site once more to spot-check for potential underground obstacles not previously identified.

Post Hole Digging & Installation: We utilize powerful earth augers to bore evenly-spaced holes to proper depths for fence post footings based on height. For most commercial aluminum fences, holes are dug 24-30 inches deep and 10-12 inches wide. Crews then carefully set posts plumb in holes, bracing temporarily until permanent cross-members are installed for reinforcement.

Cross-Member Attachment: With posts aligned perfectly in place, installers mount horizontal cross-members securely to join each post at proper heights. These sturdy interconnecting rails provide the backbone to support long stretches of fencing through years of wind, rain and other elements.

Panel & Gate Installation: Now the fun part – crews hoist lightweight aluminum fence panels into place, attaching them firmly onto posts and cross-members through pre-set bracketing. Skilled welding may also be utilized for seamless connections and optimal durability. Likewise, any custom gates ordered are hung precisely within their openings using heavy-duty gate hardware built to withstand constant commercial opening/closing.

Finishing Touches: To complete installation, crews recheck all joint connections, gate functions and overall fence stability/alignment. We’ll also clean up the work site, hauling away debris or leftover materials and restoring any adjacent landscape areas impacted. Lastly, we’ll provide guidance to client reps on maintaining the new aluminum commercial fencing system properly over its extended lifecycle.

With a perfect commercial fence installation now protected by solid limited warranties – plus our team’s ongoing service commitment – all that’s left for you to do is enjoy the security and aesthetic enhancement for decades on end!

Step 5: Customer Service & Warranty Support

While we work hard to deliver commercial aluminum fence projects that will exceed expectations for longevity, we know unanticipated issues can sometimes arise over years of fence usage. That’s why Fence San Luis Obispo provides responsive post-installation support and services along with ironclad limited warranties on labor and materials – backed by the fence industry’s leading manufacturers.

Should you ever experience any problems with gates failing to close properly, sections becoming wobbly, or finish coatings wearing prematurely, simply give our service team a call. More often than not, we can dispatch crews promptly to make minor repairs or adjustments covered under warranty at no additional cost to you.

For more extensive damage due to incidents like vehicle collisions with fence lines, we’re also here as a trusted partner to facilitate warrantied replacement of components – getting your commercial aluminum perimeter barrier looking like new again quickly.

Between the exceptional durability of commercial-grade aluminum and our local team’s ongoing commitment to customer fulfillment over the long run, you can rest assured your business’ new aluminum fencing system will maintain both flawless function and visual appeal for those passing by.

So don’t hesitate to contact us today if it may finally be time for a sleek aluminum upgrade to better secure and enhance your commercial property!

Cost of Commercial Aluminum Fencing in San Luis Obispo, CA

Given its exceptional longevity and low-maintenance performance, investing in professional aluminum fence installation is highly economical compared to alternatives like wood or PVC fencing.

Nonetheless, commercial-grade aluminum fencing does represent a significant upfront expenditure to account for in your business budgeting – generally averaging between $25 and $60 per linear foot installed.

Exact aluminum fence system pricing for your commercial property depends on some key defining factors, primarily:

Fence Height: Labor and material costs rise in tandem with increased fence height, with prices for most standard commercial styles ranging from:

  • 3-4 foot height – $25 to $35 per linear foot
  • 5-6 foot height – $35 to $50 per linear foot
  • 8 foot and higher – $50+ per linear foot

Decorative Elements: More basic, no-frills aluminum commercial fence options will hit the lowest price points. Embellished fencing with custom finials, latticework, curves or architectural accents will add cost for more specialized materials and fabrication expertise required.

Access Gates: Commercial-grade sliding gates, swinging gates and related operating/security hardware each bring significant costs separate from general perimeter fencing prices above. Typically add several thousand dollars per access gate required.

Site Complexity: Properties requiring extensive excavation around subsurface utilities/landscaping, steep terrain grading or challenging access can boost project expenses considerably for additional heavy machinery equipment needs.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With 10+ years installing fences in SLO, our team offers specialized skills to build customized fences perfectly suited to your property.


We carefully evaluate your landscape, discuss your vision, and design a fence tailored to your unique needs and style.

Quality Materials

Only the most durable, sustainable hardwood and metal materials are used to construct fences built to last for decades.

Professional Installation

Our uniformed crew neatly and efficiently installs each fence to exceed industry standards and building codes.

Customer Satisfaction

We warranty our craftsmanship and stand behind our products – your happiness is our top priority.


Locally owned and operated, we offer competitive pricing and financing options to fit a variety of budgets.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in San Luis Obispo, CA

FAQs About Commercial Aluminum Fencing in San Luis Obispo, California

What are the main advantages of aluminum vs. other commercial fencing materials?

  • Extreme longevity – Withstands decades of weathering without corroding, rotting, cracking or splintering like wood and PVC alternatives
  • Minimal upkeep – No painting, staining or frequent repairs needed as with most other fencing
  • Lightweight – Easier and cheaper to transport and install vs wrought iron or similar ornamental metals
  • Enhanced aesthetics – Sleek modern visual appeal that adds curbside value for commercial settings

Do you provide aluminum fence repair services if issues come up years later?

Absolutely! As a full-service firm handling commercial aluminum fence projects from start to finish, We are always here to promptly diagnose and resolve any problems that emerge post-install – whether fixings covered under warranty or affordable repair rates for out-of-warranty sites.

What thickness/grade aluminum do you use for most sturdy commercial fence installations?

We predominantly utilize heavy-gauge extruded aluminum rails, posts and pickets – Commercial grade 6000 series aluminum alloy that offers optimal strength-to-weight ratios for security fencing performance across decades of use.

Can I get aluminum fencing in styles with pointed finial tips for added security/intimidation?

While blunt-tipped finials maintain safety standards for most commercial settings, we can source aluminum fence panels specially fabricated with sharper spear-style finial caps upon request for an added layer of protection.

What colors can aluminum fences be powder-coated?

Beyond mill finish silver-grey, black is the most popular color for commercial aluminum fences. But we also have access to nearly any other powder coating colors – bronze, white, beige and more to match architectural aesthetics.

Will the process damage my existing landscaping or hardscapes nearby?

Our crews take extensive care during commercial fence preparation and installation to avoid damage to adjacent plants, pavers, sidewalks or other property features you wish to preserve around proposed fence lines.

Can you integrate automated gate functionality for controlled access?

Absolutely! We offer top automated gate systems from leading manufacturers like HySecurity & DoorKing that can integrate keypads, card readers, video intercoms and other smart gate opener activation methods tailored to your unique access control priorities.

What wind load rating do your aluminum fences meet?

Our commercial aluminum fencing components and installation methods typically meet wind load /wind speed ratings of 90 to 120 MPH – engineered to ANSI/ASCE 7-16 structural standards for resilient performance in storm events.

How deep are holes dug for setting posts in the ground?

For commercial aluminum fencing, our team digs holes 24-30 inches deep on average and 10-12 inches wide to establish a firm foundation for posts supporting 8 foot sections or taller long term.

What is the warranty coverage on labor and materials?

We stand behind new commercial aluminum fence installations with 5-10 year limited warranties on defect-free fabrication and functionally flawless performance. Contact us to learn more!

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